Best DJ for Wedding and reception in Ahmedabad
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Wedding DJ


Wedding DJ

India weddings are incomplete without dancing whether its pre-wedding function or post, Indian weddings are all about dancing.

Your Wedding…Your Music. I understand that weddings are unique and special. Booking the right wedding DJ can make a huge difference in your wedding reception; I have the best music collection to get you on the dance floor. With years of experience and with varieties of tracks.

Hire Me for as a Wedding DJ:

A specialized full time Wedding DJ with time to given by you.

Nonstop Garba and Dandiya songs

Have a varieties of Garba , Raas, Teen Taali, TaToodo etc.

Complete independence to pick and choose what music you want.

First-Class sound and light system.

I know the importance of this function so I want your event to be that memorable.

I have plenty of Garba tracks that set up the atmosphere of your event by adding energy when needed. With my music talent I can assure you that I will keep your event energized with great music and fun.